RF-Works was started in 2004 out of a market need for unbiased wireless & mobility consulting. The company was founded and managed by an entrepreneurial spirited engineer, Jim Portaro, who had a reputation for focusing on his customers’ needs and thinking outside of the box.

With a rich history of providing technology and professional services in Wireless & Mobility, RF-Works has consulted with many of the most prominent Healthcare institutions, Stock Exchanges, Manufacturing companies and Universities; basically the most demanding environments. RF-Works has also been engaged by many of the wireless technology vendor companies to assist in both design and troubleshooting.

As innovation in Mobile and Wireless increases, RF-Works remains focused on advancing the design and implementation of wireless technology utilized by our customers, delivered by the best engineers in the industry. Jim Portaro continues to be hands-on to ensure customers’ solutions meet or exceed expectations and are designed to be as future proof as possible.

RF-Works has a spirit of Customer Service, partnering with the best current technology vendors. RF-Works has many of the premiere hospital systems and Fortune 500 companies across the nation as customers.