List of Expertise

Wireless LAN – We specialize in designing robust, responsive, and high density Wireless LAN’s. Our typical WLAN services include Architecture and Design, Spectrum Analysis, Site Survey, Deployment, RF Certification, Documentation, and Project Management. We have been involved in WLAN rollouts of several hundred Access Points up to 10,000+. We have deployed hundreds of WLAN systems with 1000+ Access Points. Our Wireless LAN services also include CCIE level architecture for Wireless LAN Controllers, WLAN Security, and wired network integration.

Wireless as a Service (WaaS) – Similar to a Broadband Telecom Service Provider, our robust Wireless LAN offering can be provided as a Cloud-Based service. The WaaS offers the same Access Point robustness and density as our WLAN offering but with the Control and Management components in the cloud. This puts the labor intensive nature of managing a Wireless LAN in our hands as we provide a robust SLA and support.

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) – It is estimated that 80% of all cellular calls originate inside of buildings. DAS systems allow for wireless signals to be propagated within buildings where signals are degraded by building materials. RF-Works has a history of deploying these complex systems with great success and leads to increased user satisfaction.

DAS as a Service (DaaS) – The in-building DAS system can also be offered as a monthly service. This allows for no upfront capital expense and puts the management and maintenance in the hands of highly experienced wireless professionals.

WISP – This form of wireless internet distribution is perfect for large venues that are trying to utilize Wifi in sites within the compound. Many resorts that have a need for wireless internet in multiple isolated buildings such as cabins or housing that are located on the property use this method in order to simplify the distribution process.

Network Infrastructure – Each market vertical has its own best practice requirements for network redundancy and resiliency. We understand each of these market verticals uniqueness and can provide the appropriate level of network engineering to meet business goals without over engineering.

Assessments – Many times it is helpful to understand the true current state of a mobile environment. RF-Works can provide the services to provide a current snapshot of your environment which allows for a definitive starting point for any future remediation or upgrades. An assessment can also be provided to further diagnose a known issue.

Wireless Mesh – RF-Works has decades of experience with outdoor wireless coverage to include Mesh networking. Mesh networks when used appropriately can provide client access over large areas. RF-Works addresses power sources and mounting aesthetics which are two major concerns when deploying mesh.

Real-Time Locating System (Location Based Services, Passive and Active RFID, Sensors) – RF-Works can lend expertise to nearly any location based troubleshooting or initiative. Our lead engineers and partners have been working on RTLS and LBS projects since the early 90’s. RF-Works will help you quickly and accurately track and report on the movement of your assets and people as well as on the status of safety alarms and sensors. Location data and meta data become intelligence about your enterprise.

WiMAX and Outdoor Bridging – Licensed and unlicensed Point-toPoint links can be a cost effective alternative to expensive fiber optic cabling for building connectivity. RF-Works can design a solution that meets your bandwidth and distance needs. These systems can provide primary connectivity or redundancy at gigabit speeds.

Spectrum Troubleshooting – We are not just an 802.11 Wireless LAN company; we are Spectrum Experts. If you are experiencing coexistence issues within any FCC frequency we will help you identify the problem, locate the interferer, and assist in developing a remediation plan.

Backend Network Architecture & Wireless Controller Consulting – Before you can build a highly functioning wireless network, we often have to spend time on the network infrastructure. RF-Works engineers have proven years of experience designing and building reliable enterprise LAN/WAN and wireless networks. Our senior engineers ensure proper architecture, configuration, and documentation of your network infrastructure.

Mobility Environments – Empowering mobility is not a cookie-cutter solution, nor is mobility achieved by merely adding mobile apps. Building the wireless access infrastructure through virtualization, integration, security, and remote management, are important steps that bring value to mobility. High-speed, flexible, secured wireless connectivity ensures the full functionality of mobile, smartphone, tablets and handheld wireless devices and their mobile applications. RF-Works engineers know all the latest firmware, configurations, controller settings and core network infrastructure impact while at the same time providing the secure high-speed connectivity.

Technical Project Management – The project management services we provide go beyond the typical PM to include a very technical perspective. Each project is assigned a Technical Account Manager (TAM). The TAM fills the roll as PM for each project and fully understands the Scope of Services to be performed. Our PM services can also be provided to manage all aspects of a mobility project beyond the WLAN components.

Antenna Design and Selection -RF-Works help you make the most of your wireless design when it requires an external antenna. Our experience in antenna design is among the best in the nation, we can help you optimize an off the shelf solution or design a custom antenna to fit your requirements. Further, we can engineer aesthetics, amplification, and enclosures to further help your environment. RF-Works will take the guesswork out of your process with even a simple call.

Validation, Certification and Rolling Certification – One of the most important steps in an enterprise class WLAN deployment after the active survey and expert design is the validation or sometimes referred to as the certification. There are many elements involved in an 802.11 network and a post installation exercise can be critical. There is no opportunity during installation to test all of these elements together working as a system, proper expert design followed proper expert certification is the best return on investment money you can spend when deploying an enterprise wireless network. RF-Works offers many approaches to how this can be done and whether your environment like a hospital is dynamic enough to warrant doing it annually or some continuing frequency. And for our customers who do perform certification annually the keep our guaranteed coverage and performance warranty.

Future Network Lifecycle Planning (technologies, budgeting, phasing) – Companies are trying to lower the total cost of networking by procuring new technologies, training staff, managing resources and maintaining the network. At the same time in addition to costs, they are managing agility, risk, availability and scalability. Our engineers and consultants help our clients make better network plans and decisions.

Policy, Governance and Compliance – Our consultants collaborate with customers on guidelines for ensuring the proper management of network technology, access and their overall digital information. RF-Works policy assistance outlines how network activity and monitoring should be carried out to ensure organizational access and data are consistent and protected. We ensure that our customers understand the need for flexibility to changing needs, the value of a cross-discipline approach and the value of a living document in the organization.

Vendor benchmarking and RFP writing – The Request For Proposal (RFP) can be a timesaving documents if it is well written and responded to appropriately by the bidders. Often a study and benchmarking of potential vendors is a better approach. In both cases the idea is to find and document the customer’ unique specifications and requirements, as well as the unique benefits and timeframes that are being targeted. RF-Works experience helps companies quickly and comprehensively build the required scope of the services to address specifications, features, pricing, staff skills and training to reach new network value.

Managed Services & Staff Augmentation – There are many elements of networking and especially wireless networking that require expertise that is built over many years, not months. For our customers, we have managed elements of their network for them or loaned them the qualified engineers they need for a period of time. In wireless it is easy to think you’re qualified, but difficult to actually have worked through enough projects to have the deep skill to handle the daily changing complexities. RF-Works continues to find the best and build the best wireless engineering talent available.

Network Monitoring and Remote Technical Support – Often surrounding a critical go live scenario, customers will ask RF-Works engineers to be available to remotely monitor and troubleshoot. We have this scenario in healthcare with major EHR go lives and in manufacturing with major ERP go lives. Other customers simply want higher qualified certified skill than their budgets or recruiters afford them. Wireless done right isn’t easy, but we’re good at it.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) / Bring Your Own Everything (BYOE) – BYOD is a hot IT topic, but the definitions vary beyond simply device. BYOD is often defined as a mobile data management MDM platform. Using personal technology in the workplace is a given now, but the BYO phenomenon has many predictable and likely chapters ahead. Our approach is to understand your strategy, your users, your policy, your market and on and on. Then to approach the best way to enable the productivity and cost benefits to consumer technology in the hands of your users, while minimizing risk and failure.

Quality of Service (QoS) – Quality of Experience (QoE) – Consulting and engineering solutions for QoS and QoE require deep networking knowledge. Today’s networking operations are confronted with dynamic challenges related to customer satisfaction. Finding the right balance between SLA, reducing costs and monitoring requires expertise. RF-Works engineers help our customers find a cost-efficient solution that enables them to perform preventive and permanent Quality of Service and Quality of Experience Assurance.

Wireless Security / Authentication – RF-Works Security Consulting Services are carefully designed to address our customers most important needs. The complexities of security assessments, remediation services and policy creation, can be overwhelming given the dynamic vulnerabilities that change and emerge daily. RF-Works helps reduce risk, ensure compliance and keep pace with evolving threats through eliminating errors, applying patches, and writing and enforcing policies. Organizations can select a comprehensive security or choose troubleshooting services a la carte.