Reaching 5 Nines In Your Wireless Network by Jim Portaro

–The industry best practice measurement of availability is to achieve 5-Nines. This means the network is up 99.999% of the time and down for no longer than 0.001% or 5.26 minutes over the span of a year. This should be the minimum requirement for a converged network, that is high availability.

–A second major requirement of that high availability converged network is responsiveness. There are many aspects to be assessed and managed when delivering a highly responsive and highly available stable…..   Read More

Call In Your RF Spectrum “Police” (When Everyday Devices

Are Wireless In Your Environment) by Jim Portaro

–People like the freedom of “no wires” for mobility and aesthetics. What happens when you need to have a mixed deployment of a myriad of wireless devices operating in a myriad of different frequency ranges of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. The short answer is you test operational frequency ranges and equipment until you break them from a capacity perspective.

–We recently performed testing and analysis for a wireless device deployment with equipment in 6.1 – 6.6 GHz (super high frequency),……  Read More

Apple In The 802.11 Enterprise by Jim Portaro

In this Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world mobile users are bringing their own or are required to use their wireless Apple iPhones and iPads in hospitals or other campus facilities. The majority of research also shows that users are online with multiple devices. IT network teams are architecting a wireless network environment allowing…….  Read More


The 3 Most Important Steps In WLAN Deployments;

Survey,Design,And Certification by Jim Portaro

–The acceptance of RF-Works Medical Grade Wireless Network deployments has been impeccable, literally the highest rating of any of the wireless services we perform. And although Healthcare has always been on the forefront of Wireless LAN (WLAN) and Mobility adoption, we utilize a variation of this design methodology for any industries where performance for a mobile workforce and the need for access to responsive data and resources is paramount. Other extreme environments where RF-Works has deployed variations of our Wireless Methodology……  Read More