Outdoor Markets

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Today’s outdoor environments either do everything on a gigantic scale like mining sites or try to deliver high performance wireless coverage while keeping the technology invisible as many parks prefer. There is also a demand to simply continue indoor coverage outdoors for select areas like pathways to parking or common areas.

RF-Works has experience in vast mining deployments that produce everything from coal, ore, minerals, and other natural resources. These sites must work around the clock to be operationally efficient and productive while experiencing minimal downtime from data or communication failures. For sites that have a need for increased security, we also provide services which include the installation of cameras which connect to the wireless network we provide. This system allows for an easy and effective way to monitor any site by providing a clear and accessible video feed that can be adjusted to focus on any areas of concern.

Mining operations around the globe are turning to wireless technology to help streamline communications and to provide real-time telemetry to help identify and stop problems before they cause costly operational shutdowns and delays. According to one of our mining customers, if it is forced to stop for a day, the mining company loses millions of dollars. True outdoor operations like mining must focus on increasing their productivity if they’re going to increase their profitability. There are many wireless technologies that can support numerous mobility applications including monitoring all vehicles and equipment locations and operational health through real-time diagnostics, enabling preventive maintenance, advanced routing and real-time location information capabilities.

Outdoor environments can push the limits on aesthetics desiring wireless networks that are completely out of sight; some even with video monitoring solutions. All of these require a focus on affordability.