Sports Venues

sports venues

If you read enough articles about wireless and sporting venues, you will come away with a few truths. But most carriers and venue owners agree that eventually fans simply won’t go to a stadium at the same price point if it can’t deliver a great wireless experience.

When it comes to enabling wireless services in sports venues and stadiums there, is a large dichotomy of interests and approaches. If the venue is large enough you can expect carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. to be involved. Also you can expect carriers and wireless operators to want to keep traffic on their cellular networks and ensure some level of services. But you should also expect some venue owners to want traffic on an 802.11 Wi-Fi network. In either case, wireless spectrum is finite and understanding that principle is the beginning of defining a solution.

Carriers will certainly fund stadium DAS networks to provide a quality of service for their customers, and they believe DAS networks capacity will be sufficient. There seems to be no saturation point in sight for bandwidth appetite and there are few venues today with outstanding Net Promoter scores for wireless.

Even in smaller venues there are many troubleshooting scenarios such as referee microphones, wireless broadcast cameras, coaching staff telecommunications to the booth and the field and the list goes on. Knowledge of wireless spectrum and radio frequency experience is the solution to all of them. It is also the solution to DAS, cellular repeating, and massive 802.11 Wi-Fi, WLAN, Mesh and other RF deployments. We have deep expertise in all of these areas.