State and Local Government


In the State & Local government segment it is important to spend time on policy and standards. Many states are forming wireless working groups made up of agencies, county and city officials, as well as K-12 and University educators that have technology interests.

It is clear from research that wireless has great productivity and cost saving benefits for mobility workers throughout state & local governments. There are also many concerns over security that often stall implementations. So a big portion of upfront work is related to assurance that networks comply with state policies and to protect state IT data and resources. The focus then shifts to architecture work to ensure protection and separation of network resources.

Depending on agency needs, design specifications may include Data, Voice, Video, Imaging, and Location Based Services over wireless LANs (WLAN). RF-Works initiates discussions about coverage needs, performance needs and the secure network’s ability to carry all services now or in the future on a well designed enterprise WLAN.