Stock Exchange


Stock Exchanges and trading floors are one of our most bandwidth intensive and business intensive markets. When you think about thousands of users with a few devices and device accessories making instant trades in an environment that trades in trillions of dollars per day, you begin to understand the demand. These workers have no chance of utilizing a wired connection and the devices they bring to work cause interference for the network and the other devices.

Many of the insights in this market assist other market segment decisions. End user density and the variety of their devices can slow performance or create downtime which could negatively impact a trade. In addition to RF-Works engineering being applied to bandwidth and authentication, we spend significant time testing. It is valuable to know how much traffic, what type of device and wireless services can break an industry leading access point. We also help our clients sort through marketing materials and claims compared to intrinsic test results before we make specific recommendations.

Financial stock exchanges and trading floors along with healthcare as an industry, continue to push the edge of responsive high performance wireless access for an always mobile workforce.

RF-Works has evolved our design and certification specifications over many years to adequately meet and exceed the expectations of the mobile workforce. Our design specifications have been developed to carry all of the critical applications such as Data, Voice, Video, Imaging, and Location Based Services over wireless LANs (WLAN). RF-Works recommends a Mobility Grade Network design in all trading floor environments.