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At RF-Works, the key to providing a quality service is in our process. By using these steps, we can ensure high customer satisfaction while also creating a reliable wireless internet network.

 Although the needs of each customer are different, RF-Works can help in every scenario to assist with any of your wireless internet needs! Our process is key to providing the highest quality service and allows us to maintain our reputation of being one of the best in the industry.


Sometimes, our customers have issues with their wireless internet network, but won’t know why! In these scenarios, our engineers will assess the status of the existing network by collecting readings and providing detailed documentation which shows the coverage area, signal strength and signal to noise ratio. This documentation will identify the problem areas in the network and  help with troubleshooting the issue. From here, the customer can consult with us to fix the issues or to move on to the next step of designing a new network.


Customers that are unhappy with the performance of their wireless network or are looking to implement a network for the first time can request a design. In this process, we will arrive on site and begin to map out the coverage area by placing an active Access Point (AP), in multiple locations and measuring the edges of the signal. This process will be repeated until the entire facility or venue shows coverage.  The locations, coverage area and other information will be shown through documentation that will be available to the customer.


When the customer is satisfied with the design created for them, they can choose to move on to the next step of installation. Once the cabling has been pulled to the AP locations on the design, our engineers can begin to install the AP’s. This process is completed with cleanliness and sanitation in mind. Any mess that is created during the installation will be contained and immediately disposed of to ensure the preservation of the space we are working in.


After the installation is completed, an engineer will re walk the entirety of the facility or venue to take take readings of the signal strength, coverage area and signal to noise ratio. This process finalizes the project and makes sure that all of the installed AP’s are working properly and to our standards.  Once everything checks out, documentation will be provided showing a variety of information based on the findings during the certification. The completion of this process marks the final step and the network is now ready to be accessed.