COVID-19 – Earning the Essential Tag – Wireless Done Right

By Jim Holt, EVP

Embracing the culture of Wireless Done Right™, sometimes is about answering the emergency call. In the spirit of “Yes We Can,” RF-Works has been stepping up to help customers, partners, employees and now our community of “Ohians” being hit by the “unprecedented” coronavirus crisis”. Most recent request is getting HIPAA secured high-speed wireless to a very large new area in 10 days.

We are proud that some of our technology inventory and all of our team members are being called on to help organizations address the COVID-19 crisis. From troubleshooting for hospitals and medical clinics to quick design and implementation projects on brand new space, to be prepared in case it’s needed for the pandemic, we are focused on delivering for customers in new ways and record turnaround times in these trying circumstances.

The demands on networks that provide wireless access are usually challenging in their own right in healthcare, but turning around design, implementation, configuration, security and even some of the equipment of a new wired and wireless network in 10 days has required a shift in our applied skills.

RF-Works focus on our team’s skills over many years has played a major role in our ability to say “Yes”. Our team understands both the need and the mission. What are those cultural skills, analysis, scoping, engineering, and embracing change at an “unrelenting pace”.

Also having customer service and a “customer-first mindset” built into our core culture and mission. It helps when everyone signs up to be a hero, especially in these uncertain times.

“Wireless Done Right™” is one of the most compelling reasons for selecting RF-Works. It is what makes RF-Works unique and our team takes pride in that fact. Our core values are the driving force for everything we do. With a culture of customer service, process-driven quality, industry-leading engineering and knowledge sharing, our engineers and state of the art tools enable us to deploy advanced wireless services for our customers.