Essential Projects and Success is Your Only Option…

By Jim Holt


RF-Works was classified as an essential service company during the COVID-19 shut-down. Many of the April and May projects that we were asked to plan and deliver were extremely time-sensitive and also important to life-safety.


Our customer’s being successful was the only option, which meant being on-time, on-budget, and on-target related to the objectives and scope. In both Ohio and Illinois, our RF-Works team was engaged in new “surge-facilities”; deploying a temporary hospital space in one state and escalating the performance of a critical logistics facility in the other.


“Statistics published by the Standish group show that nearly 70% of all infrastructure projects fail to meet their objectives related to timeline, cost, and scope.” Network teams wonder how they can ensure success in their new installation or upgrade implementation when deadlines and obstacles seem unreasonable.


The rapid response for these “COVID-19 Projects” was once again an RF-Works engineered and executed project. I have to admit I’m proud of our team’s efforts and outcomes in these uncertain times caused by the pandemic. “Wireless done right™” to the rescue again.


Today’s wireless and wired infrastructures are integral to the success of many companies. The internal and external organizations charged with working on these projects face an ever-increasing number of pressures and barriers to success even in “normal times”. But add to those common network constraints, stay at home orders, hygiene guidelines, quarantine rules related to travel and the stress and tension accelerate. The way to ease the pressure on key projects is a proven process, structured approach, experienced engineers, and a culture of customer service to achieve success. That’s RF-Works, that’s how we earned that “essential” classification.


RF-Works has been helping organizations build, power, and evolve wireless and wired infrastructure rollouts that are on time, on budget, and on target. We give our customers the power to perform in uncertain times, normal times, and will be assisting them in the new normal, as it evolves. Sometimes no one can convey your value as well as your customers…


“We use or have used RF Works on every new wireless project. They know how UCSF does business, they do NOT need any hand-holding or explanations regarding IT standards or wireless network engineering, Jim just immediately takes care of it and it works beautifully.”  

–       Robert Szoke • IT PROJECT MANAGER, UCSF Medical Center


Standish Group’s studies also identify the number-one success factor as an experienced team, like RF-Works in wireless. When you have to “win” with your network project, RF-Works is a sure-bet on putting you and your project in the winner’s circle – Let’s talk!