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Fortune 500 Manufacturer

Like many of our customers, the rogue interference from personal hotspots and many personal devices trying or actually jumping on the network began discussions. The conversation then moved to the unrealized but expected benefits of location based technologies in the manufacturing operations.

The Use Case requirements included coverage and capacity issues as well, but in discussing their “on the shelf” investment in Real Time Location-Based Systems RTLS we uncovered many additional areas of both needs and wants. After a workshop, assessment, site survey work, we redesigned the wireless network with triangulation coverage to the edges and mitigation of significant multipath interference from metal and equipment everywhere.

The client now enjoys a state of the art enterprise wireless network that supports high performance data, voice, mobility, capacity, segmented legacy, equipment monitoring and of course location services. We do rolling certification work to keep the network working. The result according to the sponsoring executive:

“The existing investment in Location Services, now works flawlessly and paid for the entire investment itself, but now we have a highly available, easy to manage network driving process improvement for increased competitiveness for us in the market.”

Project Details



Access Points

600 Cisco


2 plants & distribution center


Industrial Design