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Major Teaching Hospital

The hospital had an aging network infrastructure both wired and wireless. Switches and the WLAN were especially “ancient” and the wired network was without segmentation so doctors, clinical staff, research, guest, and even students were sharing the same network. Visibility of network behavior and compliance were serious daily issues that firewalls were not addressing.

The Use Case requirements included segmentation based on policy, coverage, capacity, security and guest network. Hospital executives and IT staff met with multiple consulting and engineering firms. RF-Works was selected to determine applications, users and devices requirements. After assessment, survey and design efforts were complete; an 18-month rollout plan was built for switches, routers and wireless technology for visibility, segmentation and control.

The results after three phases and 18 months include employee and guest satisfaction, productivity increases and compliance. According to the customer:

“In addition to operational effectiveness and efficiency, we’ve reduced error, improved network monitoring and a welcome surprise benefit is meaningful patient engagement.”

Project Details


Teaching Hospitals

Access Points

1,800 Aruba


3 hospitals, 800+ registered beds


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