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Jim Portaro and his team are the farthest thing from a one hit wonder. If we were a band; we’d be much more like the Eagles, because of the sheer number of #1 hits and other careers and companies that we’re spawned. In wireless; like in the hit song, Hotel California, “You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave!” Here’s a quick hit list of the wireless expertise that has been accumulated in our engineering firm over the years:

WLAN (WiFi) with data, voice, video, imaging, location, mobility, capacity, SECURITY and guest network. Site Survey, Spectrum Analysis, Assessments, Troubleshooting, Wireless Controller Consulting, Validation, Certification and Rolling Cert, Network Monitoring, BYOD, BYOE, MDM, Remote Technical Support, QoS, Wireless as a Service (WaaS), QoE, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS or DaaS), Real-Time Locating System (RTLS), Policy, Governance and Compliance, Future Network Lifecycle Planning, Antenna Design and Selection, Point to Point and Point to Multi-Point, Bridging, Backhaul, Wired Network Infrastructure and Integration. Outdoor Harsh, Coverage and Aesthetics (Hidden), WISP, WiMAX, Wireless Mesh

Out top industry markets we serve are Healthcare, State and Local Governments, Fortune 500 conglomerates, Industrial sector, Universities, and Mining. Wireless done right isn’t easy; it won’t be getting any simpler, but we’re good at it. We are willing and able to help. Schedule a free project consultation today.

“Don’t let the sound of your own wheels, make you crazy”.

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