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Private University

The University was facing seemingly contradictory expectations from the Presidents Office. At one end of the spectrum, they were expected to be on the forefront of exploring new methods, techniques and technologies to advance learning and knowledge and to prepare the new digital native students for tomorrow’s challenges. At the other end of the spectrum, produce this new environment with less budget.

The Use Case requirements were to design a high availability wired and wireless network that was secure, hierarchical, modular and flexible; to allow upgradeability over time based on requirements and new technology advancements. Focus areas included policy, coverage, capacity, security and guest network. The student average at the university for wireless devices was 3.7 devices per student, so BYOD and MDM were needed. There was also a goal to completely drop the cable TV services and support streaming everywhere.

After comprehensive surveys and design work, the results delivered over two phases and 15 months include administration, employee, student and guest satisfaction.

“I committed a technology revolution when I was hired as the President, a few of our preferred vendors fulfilled my promise. RF-Works made me a hero related to our network, especially wireless.”

Project Details


University Campus

Access Points

Various Technologies


15 standalone buildings, 200+ acres


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