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Regional Healthcare System

The explosion of clinical smartphones, tablets and even IoT tracking technologies join nursing laptops to strain the very fabric of the network and security. Add to that a lack of experience in the IT staff related to the idiosyncrasies of RF and WLAN design and configuration.

The Use Case requirements included data, voice, location, mobility, capacity and guest network. Our wireless assessment uncovered issues related to access point locations, channels, power, signal to noise, controller software version and selections. In addition rogue wireless and security settings added to our remediation list.

After a site survey, we redesigned the wireless network in phases to match criticality, budget, investment protection and clinical requirements. The result after three phases and 12 months is extraordinarily successful according to the customer.

“We had done ourselves harm in supporting our clinical staff productivity, the staff, executives and IT team are fans of Jim and his team of engineers.”

Project Details


Healthcare System

Access Points

6,800 Cisco


12 hospitals, 180+ sites


MGN Design