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State Park – Wireless as a Service (WaaS)

Even campers expect to have WiFi for email, social media and streaming. And smart departments of natural resources want to provide it, however they want to provide it with performance and security. The issue is often that they don’t have the budget or the RF and wireless experience to even know where to begin.

They’d like to pay an affordable monthly fee subsidized by park subscribers and get an expert designed, installed, monitored and managed wireless outdoor system for the entire park. The state already had a WaaS contract with RF-Works, so “ordering” what they desired was easy. After surveys and design work, the results are being delivered over the next couple years to cover all 1,500+ acres. Everyone at the state is satisfied and we have “Happy Campers”.

“We were amazed at the wireless speed, faster than our network at home. Although we’re teaching our kids they don’t need to be on their phones, a quick email, and a post to Facebook doesn’t hurt and doesn’t take long. Maybe I streamed the game too.”

Project Details


State Park

Access Points

Various Technologies


1,500+ acres, lodge, cabins


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