The Six Steps for WiFi 6 (if you want …wireless done right)

By Jim Holt

As the number of connected devices increases per square foot, the demands on the networks that provide the wireless access increase too. So it follows that those responsible for ensuring the design, implementation, configuration, and security of the wired and wireless network having an increasing shift in required skills.

There is a growing buzz surrounding WiFi 6 (802.11ax). as designated by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

It’s placed in current Wi-Fi designations:

  • Wi-Fi 6 is identified with 802.11ax (currently 802.11ax is in draft)
  • Wi-Fi 5 is identified with 802.11ac
  • Wi-Fi 4 is identified with 802.11n

RF-Works will be doing it’s first enterprise rollout of 802.11 ax this fall. We have been working diligently on both the planning and the subtle changes in approach to deal with this powerful new wireless infrastructure within a construct and framework understood by the vendors, markets, and enterprise customers.

Your Use Case requirements may include data, voice, location, mobility, capacity, and guest network. If needed, our network and wireless network assessment will uncover all issues related to the core network, access point locations, channels, power, signal to noise, controller software version, and selections. In addition, rogue wireless and security settings will be added to a remediation list even before upgrade planning begins. Then when it’s time, we’ll perform a real-time, physical site survey, in which there is no theory. What you see is what you get. As we move into the design and redesign of the wireless network, we can go big bang or phases to match criticality, budget, investment protection, and clinical requirements. Regardless, the results will be readiness for 802.11 ax and extraordinary experience for your users’ clinical success.

Whether we help you or not, here is a list of six steps you should be doing right now. Don’t worry today about whether you have the skills or technology, begin the planning.

SIX STEPS for WiFi 6 for September 2019:

  1. Understand the needs and wants of your internal customers and understand their criticality to the overall company mission.
  2. Translate those collected business requirements into “technical & engineering”. Make sure you have access to experienced analytical minds that can rationally think through every situation.
  3. Have an “Agility Plan” because you need to embrace lifecycle change at an unrelenting pace and deal with implementation planning around day to day operations for a critical access asset.
  4. Plan a logical approach to baseline categorization and options, modification of current infrastructure and locations, future proofing, and cutover. Plan for quality and continuous improvement over a three to five-year window.
  5. Test that plan, possibly have a third-party audit it to ensure that it can be delivered on time, within budget, and compliant to scope.
  6. Ensure the right answers related to all of the other IT areas involved in enterprise wireless (i.e. security, infrastructure, applications, analytics, advanced transformation, optimization, density, performance, coverage, attenuation, aesthetics, etc.)

“Wireless Done Right is one of the most compelling reasons for selecting RF-Works. It is what makes RF-Works unique and our team takes pride in that fact. Our core values are the driving force for everything we do. With a culture of customer service, process-driven quality, industry-leading engineering and knowledge share, and state of the art tools we are able to deploy advanced wireless services for our customer base. If you love wireless, then consider engaging our team and you’ll love how your network performs every day.