The Skillsets for Wireless Done Right (advancing and engineering the network)

By Mark Audia

As the number of connected devices increases per square foot, the demands on the networks that provide the wireless access increase too. So it follows that those responsible for ensuring the design, implementation, configuration, and security of the wired and wireless network have an increasing shift in required skills.

RF-Works has been working diligently on building these new digital infrastructure skills within a construct and framework understood by the vendors, markets and enterprise customers.

Here is a list of seven of the main skills we are looking for in recruits and seven we develop as further advanced skillsets for those who join the team.

Skills we look for in our prospective engineers

  1. We look for people who can understand the needs of the customer and recommend sound solutions.
  2. We look for engineering and analytical minds that can rationally think through any situation.
  3. We look for technical talent that will enhance our industry setting “wireless done right” best practices.
  4. We look for people who embrace change at an unrelenting pace.
  5. We look for a “customer first mindset”. We built RF-Works with a spirit of service in our culture and our mission.
  6. We look for a logical approach, desiring quality and focused on continuous improvement.
  7. We look for a leadership personality. We need mentors, managers, and executives to realize our growth plans. We prove that it’s great to promote from within.

Skills we develop in our engineers

  1. An ability to categorize the existing technology, the requirements and the many choices of wireless components and network tools into a customer solution that can be delivered on time, within budget and compliant to scope.
  2. An ability to put first things first in the solution set. There is a requirement in wireless to understand the facility and overall environment, then design with the proper technology.
  3. An ability to define the right answer related to all of the IT areas involved in enterprise wireless (i.e. security, infrastructure, applications, analytics, advanced transformation, optimization, density, performance, coverage, attenuation, aesthetics, etc.)
  4. An ability to think about lifecycle, future business trends, standards and the difference between marketing claims and proven solutions.
  5. All our engineers develop; problem-solving, network troubleshooting, consultative and planning skillsets.
  6. Deep understanding of networking concepts, systems, and configuration for; routing, switching, WAN/LAN, WLAN and specifics with enterprise vendors like Cisco, Aruba, HP, Extreme Networks and Juniper.
  7. Deep understanding of network and digital security concepts and systems.

Many of the top wireless engineers globally have worked for, collaborated with and still stay connected to RF-Works and our executive team – since the earliest days of WiFi, WLAN, and Mobility. They have all contributed to what we call “wireless done right…”

“Wireless Done Right™” is one of the most compelling reasons for selecting RF-Works. It is what makes RF-Works unique and our team takes pride in that fact. Our core values are the driving force for everything we do. With a culture of customer service, process driven quality, industry-leading engineering and knowledge share, and state of the art tools we are able to deploy advanced wireless services for our customer base. If you love wireless, then consider joining our team and you’ll love what you do every day.